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Carmen (Devoted Mother/Hypnotherapist)

In the battle of Miri versus my calcified-fascia-ridden body, Miri emerged the champion.

I walked in a hot, twisted mess of tension, aches, knots . . . and from Miri's knockout combo of deep tissue massage and craniosacral magic (and whatever other modalities she incorporates in her style), I walked out of feeling relaxed and thoroughly tenderized, in the best way. I've had over 15+ years of different kinds of bodywork on this meatsuit of mine, and have developed my own standard of what makes an excellent massage, for me: 1) Clear communication with CMT prior to session about boundaries, injuries, needs 2) Soothing, comforting atmosphere with an energetically clean space 3) Calibrating pressure on my body with CMT to develop a touch-based "shorthand" 4) Confidence and trust that my bodyworker has taken in and paid attention to all the needs we spoke about, so that I can completely drop into the session and let go. 5) Session customized/tailored to my needs and not just a rote "sequence" of strokes Miri delivered on all these things and more. I'd never had hot stones used in a massage the way she used them on me - it was sooooo good, especially on my forearms (gua sha?) and I had small hot stones placed IN BETWEEN MY TOES, for goodness sake. I felt pampered, worked out, and well taken care of. Her touch was confident, firm, soothing, responsive, gentle and strong, and her knowledge of body mechanics was so helpful in locating areas of tension I didn't even know I was holding! 10/10 would go again and absolutely recommend Miri to anyone!

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